Vegan Raspberry and Speculoos Tiramisu

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Tiramisu is a real classic and goes well with any event. However, it can be difficult to make a vegan tiramisu without making every ingredient yourself. If you've been looking for a tasty tiramisu recipe, we have good news for you, because our vegan raspberry and speculoos tiramisu is simply delicious and can be prepared perfectly in advance! It's not quite as classic due to our choice of biscuits, but as we all know, you should always dare to try something new. The spicy combination of speculoos, vanilla cream and raspberries goes great together and invites a real taste explosion.

Why actually speculoos? In the first place, it is really very easy to find vegan speculoos in the supermarket. In most cases, you only need to look at the name: Normal spiced speculoos are often purely plant-based, but butter speculoos are not. Take a look around at the usual supermarkets: You're sure to find what you're looking for. Otherwise, we find the caramel and spicy taste very suitable. You will notice how well the different components harmonise with each other.

Now let's get to work on the recipe!

This is what you need for it:

- 800g Alpro Skyr unsweetened
- 200ml Oat Drink from Oat Base
- 1 tbsp brown sugar
- 1 packet vanilla extract
- 2 tsp vanilla sugar
- 80g custard powder
- 400ml vegan whipped cream
- 300g fresh raspberries
- 300g speculoos
- 1 packet cream stiffener
- 1 tbsp cocoa

How to make it:

1. Mix 2 tbsp Oat Base with 200ml water.

2. Mix together the skyr, oat drink, sugar, vanilla sugar, vanilla extract and custard powder and bring to the boil briefly. Then allow to cool thoroughly.

3. Whip the vegan whipped cream with cream stiffener.

4.Carefully fold the finished vanilla cream into the whipped cream and mix together.

Layer the speculoos, raspberries and cream on top of each other in a mould. (at least 2 layers)

6. Finally, sprinkle with cocoa & place in the fridge overnight.

7. Enjoy!

Vegan Raspberry and Speculoos Tiramisu
Oat Base Classic

Oat Base Classic

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