Blue Farm goes organic: the first organic oat drink for self-mixing

At Blue Farm we rely on the power of the plant and rethink plant-based foods - from resources to production & consumption. With Oat Base Natur, we've already shaken up the milk alternative market by developing a delicious and healthy oat drink that you can mix yourself. And now we are going one step further, because in the last few months we have also developed an organic line alongside our natural line, which makes an important contribution for us at Blue Farm. We explain here why the organic variant is so close to our hearts and what it stands for.

The path to the first organic oat drink powder for self-mixing

Since we started with our oat drink powder at the beginning of the year, it has been important to us that our products are resource and environmentally friendly and, of course, good for you and our planet. Together with our Oat Base, we save packaging waste and transport emissions every day and avoid food waste - every day, starting every morning. Because at Blue Farm we think think about tomorrow in the morning - and thus about a greener future for everyone. It was clear to usfrom the very beginning that we had to have an organic line. At first, the high minimum order quantities were an obstacle for us. But thanks to your incredible support and the recurring demand, we were now able to develop the first organic-certified oat drink powder. Because you like organic? We make organic!

Why is organic certification important to us?

Since we rely on the power of the plant and want to do even more for you and the environment, the following factors are important to us and speak particularly in favour of supporting organic farming in addition to regional farming:

  • No use of chemical-synthetic fertilisers: already with our natural line we make sure to use only natural fertilisers. But thanks to the organic certification, we can also communicate this transparently and recognisable to all. Because a low and natural fertiliser level promotes biodiversity, which is the most important asset for our planet. Because if we rely on the power of the plant, this power is only as good for us as the soil is in which it grows. In addition, by not using mineral fertilisers, less harmful greenhouse gases are emitted and soils can store more carbon. Power to the plant: this is how we help to restore and promote the balance of nature.
  • Your overwhelming demandSince day one, probably the most asked question has been whether our Oat Base is certified organic. And because we and our community are so passionate about supporting organic farming, we wanted to make the first organic Oat Base available as soon as possible.
  • Less packaging waste: We save up to 90% packaging waste with our oat milk powder - and to save 100%, it is important for us to make our product available in unpackaged shops. As these often stock an organic range almost exclusively, this was another sign to also offer our Oat Base in organic quality - and the sooner we can do this, the better it is for us and our blue planet.
  • No genetic engineeringEven though research has not yet shown that genetically modified products have health consequences, there are no long-term studies on this either. Especially the pesticides and antibiotics used in the production process can be potentially toxic. That is why it is important to us at Blue Farm that we do not use genetic engineering. Our natural line already does not use genetic engineering at all, and we can now signal this even better with our organic products.
  • Few additives: As a Clean Label product, our Oat Base already contains no additives whatsoever, and of course nothing will change with the organic line. Through certification, we support the organic regulation and show that we only use good ingredients - because if you use them, you don't need artificial or supposedly natural flavourings or additives.

We go with our products literally Back 2 Base: because we want to go back to nature and healthy nutrition. For us, the power of plants is more than just an alternative, but the basis for a sustainable future. And if we provide you with the right products, are you about to make blue the new colour of hope?

Blue Farm Team
The Blue Farm Team

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