Better together: Blue Farm's helping hands for flood victims in Germany

The flood disaster of last week has caused considerable devastation in parts of Germany, bringing with it massive destruction and private losses as well as human lives. The clean-up is in full swing, but some of the destruction is so enormous that the question now is: "How can we possibly go on?" We in the team also know some who have been personally affected by the events. A fact that affects us and motivates us in equal measure!

True to the motto #bettertogether we want to help those affected by the flood disaster. That's why this week we have joined forces with Aktion Deutschland Hilft initiated a fundraising campaign. The goal: In the next 7 days, we will donate 7% of our sales revenue received via the Blue Farm Shop.

The Aktion Deutschland Hilft is an alliance of German aid organisations and supports people worldwide who have fallen on hard times after disasters and urgently need help. In this case, the help is needed right on our doorstep:

Laura von Minckwitz from the Nettehammer Estate in Miesenheim has been affected by the floods. On the estate, historic buildings and parts of the grounds were severely damaged by the floods. "It is hard to imagine what the masses of water have done to the property. We are immensely grateful that no people or animals were affected and so overwhelmed by the many helping hands here on site to lend a hand and clean up the mess," says Laura von Minckwitz. The estate suffered heavy losses due to Corona. The catastrophe and the financial damage that the von Minckwitz family now has to repair due to the amount of water is all the worse.

This example shows: Together we are stronger! So that we can support even more affected people like Laura, we are happy about everyone who becomes part of the campaign and makes a contribution together with us. For all those who depend on our support and who, thanks to Aktion Deutschland Hilft, reach the right places. 

If you would like to donate directly to Gutshof Nettehammer, you can do so at: 



IBAN DE71 5776 1591 0256 9719 00 

Or donate directly online at this link.

A farmtastic THANK YOU for your support!


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