GREENTECH FESTIVAL 2021: Blue Farm for a green future

Berlin, June 2021: A bit excited, in the best networking mood and slightly sweaty, we and the Blue Farm team were present at this year's Greentech Festival in Berlin with an exhibition stand at Kraftwerk Berlin. Alongside many innovative companies from small to large, we not only learned a lot about green and sustainable future technologies, but also met numerous trade fair visitors who have a common goal: Celebrating a sustainable future under the motto #celebratechange.

We spent three days looking at how we can find sustainable ways out of the climate crisis and drive change towards a green future. We were also asked by many visitors how we want to help shape this change. Our answer: Blue Farming (and lots of ice cream). Here are our farmtastic learnings and insights: 

Climate Change
GreenTech Festival 2021

    At this year's Greentech Festival, we met companies from all over the world and from different sectors: from mobility to energy, smart cities, food, lifestyle and media. Producing sustainable products and providing sustainable access for people in all walks of life is not as difficult and impossible as is sometimes assumed. True to our motto "Better together", we took the opportunity to exchange ideas, initiate new (product) innovations and establish cooperations.
    In particular, we took a natural look at the latest trends in the sustainable food industry: From sustainable chocolate bars by The Nu Company, pure plant-based snacks and drinks with "real ingredients" by Mono Market to the vision of Organic Farm, who plan to grow all food in a cycle on one farm. A green future knows no boundaries and tastes really good and natural to boot.

    Everyone starts small. We learned that it is not only the big players and established companies that have an impact on a green future, but also that emerging companies from the start-up scene - like Blue Farm - can make a big difference with just a few resources, actions and new ways of thinking and are an important driver when it comes to advancing social change. Phil von Have, co-founder of Blue Farm, has connected with numerous companies and notes encouraging things: "It was particularly nice to see and a great learning that many of the sustainably operating companies and start-ups at the fair are doing very well and getting profitable business models off the ground." We join in and at this point motivate all - still small - companies to think big now and question the status quo.


    A green future sounds like dreams of the future. And one thing is certain: we cannot live more sustainably overnight and activate all companies and people to rethink at the push of a button. What is also certain, however, is that without rethinking and acting, change will not work. "The future is in our hands, and with Oat Base it is in both senses. Because: We can start acting consciously right in the morning when mixing fresh oat milk for coffee or muesli and thus make an important contribution to a sustainable future," says Lina Marie Gralka, Director Brand Marketing at Blue Farm. 

    The most important learning and insight is that it does not have to be difficult and expensive to consume more consciously. Much helps much and in this context this is especially true for many hands that can create more together - and this is especially true for a more sustainable future.

Oat Base goes GreenTech
Blue Farms Oat Base at the GreenTech Festival

After three days of Greentech Festival, we are not only sweaty, but grateful: For the many insights, many encounters and numerous contacts with which Blue Farm wants to drive the change towards more sustainability and conscious consumption. How? With Blue Farming: We use the power of the plant, which for us is more than just an alternative. And we are counting on all of us. Because a sustainable and healthy future is in our hands and can start every morning. And what we find even more farmtastic? If you are part of this movement!

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