Oat drink powder for mothers: relief for everyday life

Mother's Day is coming up soon and we took this as an opportunity to talk to Jenni from BECYCLE Düsseldorf: as a mother of a 5-year-old daughter, she is a big fan of Blue Farm’s Oat Base. We talked to her about what is important to her when it comes to nutrition, why she is so enthusiastic about the natural oat drink powder and how she integrates it into her everyday life.

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Jenni and her daughter

BF: What is important to you when it comes to nutrition?
Jenni: I have been eating a 100% vegan diet for 6 years. It is especially important to me that I eat food that is as unprocessed as possible and contains little to no additives - especially no added sugar. I'm annoyed that in Germany we add sugar in almost every product, whether it's sweet or savoury. Personally, I think that's terrible, so I try to eat as natural as possible.

BF: And what do you look for in your daughter's diet?
Jenni: In the first year, she ate organic meat and fish. But never dairy products, on the other hand, because she doesn't like them and I don't think highly of the industry either. After breastfeeding she only drank unsweetened almond milk and when she was two and a half / three years old, we switched to oat milk because from one day to the next she didn't want to drink almond milk anymore - kids ;) For the first year, I made sure that she didn't eat sugar and that she ate a very healthy diet. However, since she's been in daycare, it's harder to keep an eye on her food. I think the diet for children in day-care centres is very one-sided. Meat is often on the menu and if there is vegetarian food, it is often combined with dairy products. In day care, she is allowed to eat everything. To compensate, I feed my daughter a completely vegan diet at home. Fortunately, she already knows a lot about nutrition.

BF: For oat milk, you use our Oat Base: how did you find out about Blue Farm and what convinced you?
Jenni: I saw the oat drink powder in a friend's story on Instagram and found it very interesting. I then went straight to the Blue Farm homepage and ordered 4 bags right away.

BF: What was your first impression of the taste and what does your family think of Oat Base?
Jenni: I was very positively surprised by the taste. Blue Farm's oat milk only contains the natural sugar from the oats and therefore has much lower amounts of sugar than comparable alternatives from the supermarket. My daughter has never had sweetened plant milk before. Nevertheless, I was sceptical at first whether she would like the Oat Base because of the low amount of natural sugar. But she was immediately thrilled! And even my boyfriend, who never liked commercial oat milk before, has become a huge fan in the meantime.

BF: And how do you use the Oat Base in your everyday life?
Jenni: We use the oat drink powder from morning to night. Whether in a café or porridge, for smoothies or pancakes, and even in salad dressings, soups or sauces, Oat Base is indispensable and replaces my entire range of plant-based milk alternatives: whether it's coconut milk in a curry, oat cream or oat milk - I actually only use Oat Base. Even when I travel, my daughter can't do without it. And come to think of it, the powder would have helped me too when my daughter was younger. Instead of using mixed milk bottles like I did back then, I would have much rather used Blue Farm! Not only does my kid like the oat milk, but the handling is easy-peasy as well: you simply mix the powder with water in a bottle, shake or stir and that's it. And you know exactly what is in it.

BF: What tips would you like to give mothers about nutrition?
Jenni: I think it is advisable to involve the children in the kitchen. When children prepare their own food or help with cooking, it's much easier for them to try new things than if you just put it in front of them. And that's also what's great about Oat Base and what got my daughter so excited right from the start: she can now prepare her own milk! She thinks it’s great and presents it to us proudly. My daughter is now 5, so of course it's not yet possible with toddlers, but the preparation is a cool feature of the product. A ready-made milk carton from the supermarket doesn't offer that, and by the way, we produce less waste and as mothers have to carry less when shopping.

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From Jenni's kitchen: Oat Base in Porrdige and as beetroot soup

Thanks to Jenni for the insight into her everyday life and the interview! We are happy if our Oat Base is well received by young and old and makes everyday life easier. If you are a mum yourself or know someone whose life would be made easier by the Oat Base, then send some love from our Farm Shop to them. To all mothers, parents, caretakers, guardians we wish all the best for Mother's Day, you are our heroes!

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Renate Wandinger

Hello everyone, I think it's great what you have put together. Oat milk has been an integral part of our diet for a long time. We're all the more pleased that we can now make it ourselves as needed and very easily with the best quality 👍👍👍
I have just received the first starter pack and we are already thrilled. Tastes great 👍👍👍👍.
One small idea perhaps for sometime... a sealable glass container with a pouring spout. We also put the oat milk in our coffee ☕️ and then we don't always have to decant.
I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more from you. Best wishes and happy Whitsun. It's nice that you exist.
Renate Wandinger

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