Why Oat Base is healthier than traditional oat drinks

The trend away from cow's milk towards plant-based milk substitutes such as oat milk, officially called oat drinks, has been emerging for years now. Apart from ecological and ethical reasons, also health aspects are crucial for the switch towards oat drinks: Oat is high in fiber, lactose-free and does not contain any cholesterin. But often, other ingredients are found in the store-bought alternatives which undermine the health benefits of oat drinks. Which ingredients these are and how the oat powder (Oat Base) from Blue Farm does without them, will be shown in the following.

Ingredients of traditional oat milk and oat milk barista

Oat drink is generally made out of 90% water and 10% ground oats. Oats contain a lot of dietary fiber, which fill you up and are good for your digestion. To make oat drink, the oats are fermented with salt and enzymes. In addition to the basic ingredients, often vegetable oils, sugar, flavorings and algae additives are added. These additives are for example used to improve the taste or stability of the oat drink.

Especially in the so-called barista editions of the plant drinks - usually made from oats or a combination of oats and soybeans - sunflower or rapeseed oil is often added. These are particularly good for foaming the milk alternative and guarantee the perfect plant-based milk foam. Foam is created when air bubbles are mixed into the liquid during stirring or shaking. These air bubbles remain particularly stable and long lasting when surrounded by proteins and fats. Therefore, vegetable oil is often added to the oat drinks. The market-leading Barista Edition, for example, also contains rapeseed oil, acidity regulator (dipotassium phosphate), calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates, iodised salt, vitamins (D2, riboflavin, B12) in addition to water and oats. This contradicts the healthy image of the oat drink.

Ingredients of oat milk from Oat Base oat powder

This long list of ingredients bothered us at Blue Farm. That's why we made it our mission to provide you with healthier alternatives. The Oat Base from Blue Farm deliberately avoids all unnecessary ingredients and reduces the ingredient list to the essential: oats and salt. This makes it a healthy and tasty alternative to the conventional oat drinks found in supermarkets. In our recipe, we have emphasized a good foamability so that it also makes a good figure in your coffee. Another advantage is that the Oat Base is also gluten-free. This means that people with a gluten intolerance can also enjoy and benefit from the advantages of oat drink. Furthermore, the Oat Base only contains the oat's natural sugar content , meaning there is no added sugar. Here too, the Oat Base performs very well in comparison to the oat drink from the supermarket:

sugar content
Comparison of sugar content

Blue Farm's Oat Base not only reduces the oat drink to a minimum, the oat powder, but also the ingredients. Without additives, the Clean Label is healthier for you than conventional oat drinks. Another advantage is that the ecological footprint is also reduced to a minimum.

Oat Base: Good for you and the environment.


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The Farmers

Dear Sabine,

We are currently sourcing our oats from Europe - as a young company, we are very much bound to minimum purchase quantities from suppliers, especially at the beginning, so unfortunately we were not able to limit our purchases more precisely for the first production. In the coming weeks, however, our first organic oat drink powder will see the light of day and the oats for this will be sourced from (northern) Germany, i.e. directly from us (Blue Farm is based in Berlin). And our packaging is currently not only 100% recyclable, but also 100% recycled!

Kind regards,
Your farmers

The Farmers

Dear Mara,

we use only wholemeal oatmeal for our oat milk powder.

Kind regards,
Your farmers


Hi there. I would like to know where you get your oats from? It's also really important to me how many km a product has on the clock in the end. And the packaging is 100 per cent recyclable. Is it also possible to recycle existing plastic waste for the packaging? Kind regards Sabine

The Farmers

Dear Angela,

We are currently developing a calcium version of our oat drink powder. The highest quality and best taste are very important to us, which is why we are currently working on the perfect calcium recipe. Unfortunately, it is not so trivial to simply add a little calcium to the powder. But soon the calcium version will be available :)

Kind regards,
Your farmers


I think your product and the idea behind it are great! Do you actually use wholemeal oat flour or white oat flour?

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