The manufacturing process of our oat milk powder

Making your own oat milk at home is easier said in theory than done in practice, because when oats are mixed in water, the result is a slimy mass instead of a creamy oat drink. To make a delicious oat drink at home, we have developed an oat milk powder that produces a creamy oat milk thanks to an innovative production process. This is despite the fact that the powder does not contain any additives and therefore consists only of oats. How this works and why oat milk powder is not just ground oats, we explain in this article in 5 steps.

Manufacturing process
From oat grain to Oat Base in five steps

Step 1: Grinding the oat grains
First, the oat grains are ground into a fine oat flour to create the base for our oat milk powder. This can then be easily processed further.

Step 2: Enzymatic treatment of the oats with water.
In this step, some water is added to the oat flour. This is followed by enzymes that are added to the oat mixture to break down the water-insoluble starch of the oats into sugar. This gives the base its slightly sweet taste. The whole thing happens on a finely tuned temperature curve. We affectionately call the resulting mass the Oat Slurry.

Step 3: Mixing the oat slurry in mixing tanks.
The oat slurry is mixed in mixing tanks so that no deposits form and a homogeneous mass is created.

Step 4: Separation of fibrous particles
Afterwards, the remaining coarser components and oat fibre are separated from the oat slurry to prepare the mass for drying.

Step 5: Drying to a fine powder
In the last step, the oat mass is dried and the fine oat milk powder is created. The specific drying also means that the powder dissolves well in water afterwards.

Before Oat Base finds its way to you, it goes through five steps that go far beyond simply grinding oats. Our production steps ensure that our oat drink powder not only produces a delicious and creamy oat drink, but is also healthier and cleaner than plant-based milk alternatives from the supermarket. Thanks to our production process, our oat drink contains up to 3x less sugar and the lower mass and volume of the powder we also save up to 90% packaging waste and unnecessary transport emissions. So all you have to do is add water to the oat drink powder at home or on the go and you have your own fresh oat drink. Here you can find our Oat Base directly in our farm shop. 


The Farmers

Hello Julie,

We are very happy to hear that you like our Oat Base so much :)
Regarding your questions: Unfortunately, we can't tell you the exact temperature, as the details of our production process are top secret and would reveal a lot about the production process. We hope you understand that. But the enzymes are of microbial origin and therefore natural.

Kind regards,
Your farmers

The Farmers

Hello Christian,

Thank you for your message and your offer, we are very pleased! We will get in touch with you by e-mail!

Many greetings,
your farmers


Thank you very much for this great explanation of your production process! I have already tried the Oat Base and am very excited about the taste and consistency! And the Forever Bottle is super practical - you don't even need a shaker ball like with other shake bottles. :-)

I still have 2 questions: at what temperature is the powder processed in step 2 and step 5?
Are the enzymes you use of natural and vegetable origin?
Kind regards, Julie

Christian meyer

Hello, I am a farmer and grow oats. I would like to supply you. I would be pleased to hear from you.

Yours sincerely, Christian Meyer

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