3 myths about powder products and why they are not true

Blue Farm's oat drink powder shows that oat drink is not only available mixed in supermarket drink cartons, but that we can also prepare it easily, freshly and sustainably at home. Of course, it is a change from a beverage carton to powder form, especially because many myths and prejudices precede powder products. That's why we want to dispel the three most common myths about powder products to pave the way for more freshness and sustainability in your fridge.

Myth #1: Powder products are not fresh

Powder products encounter the prejudice that they are less fresh than the conventional liquid form. This is mainly due to the reputation of powdered milk. Milk powder is produced when cow's milk is dried so that it can be remixed as required by consumers. It stands to reason that the mixed version of milk tastes less fresh and delicious.
This is not the case with plant-based milk powder, as plant-based milk always consists largely of water, which is mixed with the plant concentrate to produce the liquid form that we know from the supermarket as a plant-based drink.
With our oat drink powder we directly process the oats enriched with enzymes in its pure form. Compared to conventional oat drinks from beverage cartons, the Oat Base is therefore fresher, because the oat drink is directly freshly prepared at home as needed. With conventional oat drinks in cartons, the oat concentrate has been held together with the water between plastic film and cardboard for weeks or months.
So contrary to myth, the Oat Base delivers the fresher product due to its powder form.


Myth #2: Powders are unnatural and contain a lot of chemicals

Since you don't know exactly what's in powders, it's easy to be misled into thinking that they are less natural or contain a lot of chemicals.
We show that this is not the case: the ingredient list of our Oat Base reveals that in our oat drink powder
contains only oats and salt and no additives whatsoever. Thanks to the enzymatic production process, Oat Base manages to be a fine, easily soluble and above all delicious powder without additives. The powder form is created by carefully grinding, processing and drying the ingredients and could not be more natural.


Myth #3: Powder products are not healthy

Along with the myth that powdered products are not natural, there is also the belief that they cannot be healthy because of it. Again, looking at the ingredient list is crucial to determine if powder products contain many potentially unhealthy additives. Long ingredient lists don't necessarily indicate unhealthy products, but if there are a lot of E-numbers or ingredients cannot be assigned, the risk of unknown intolerances or health side effects increases. Powder products can also be clean label products if they contain as few and natural ingredients as possible - as is the case with Oat Base. And the ingredients of our oat drink powder are also healthy: since we only work with the natural sweetness of oats (1.3 g natural sugar per 100 ml, conventional oat drinks average 4.2 g natural sugar per 100 ml) , your blood sugar and cholesterol levels low. Due to its high fibre content, it keeps you full for a long time and promotes the proliferation of good gut bacteria. So it is not so important in in which form in which you eat something, but what is contained in it.

Our conclusion

Oat Base disproves the preconceived myths and prejudices of powdered products, and shows that by going powdered, you also gain - both health-wise and for your own environmental footprint. If you're ready to try something new and revolutionize the plant-based milk (alternative) market with us, then try the oat milk powder right away!


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