Magic Spoon

Some say that knowledge is power. We say that knowledge is taste. Because with our dosing spoon you always have exactly the right amount of Oat Base!

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  • Fresh & homemade

  • Exactly 10 g for 100 ml oat drink

  • 100% bamboo

Product info 
Measures out exactly 10 grams for 100 ml of oat drink.

ExpirationLasts forever, unless you have a panda at home. Because they probably prefer bamboo over Oat Base for breakfast. 

Making milk 2.0 is easy with our spoon aka Magic Spoon: Smooth it out and it holds exactly 10 grams of Oat Base. Just mix 100 ml of water with one spoon and your oat drink is ready! If you want more oat milk, just mix a larger amount of Oat Base with the corresponding amount of water. So on the spoons, ready, Mlch!
The spoon is made entirely of bamboo - which is great for the planet, but not so good for your dishwasher. That's why we recommend washing it by hand :)

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