Oat Base Oat Drink Powder & Coffee Beans

Make your own oat drink with Oat Base

Oat Base from Blue Farm is an enzymatically treated oat drink powder made from 100% wholemeal oats - some of which are also organic - that you can use to make your own oat milk at home. By adding water, you can make your own fresh oat drink within 10 seconds. For one serving, mix 20 g of Oat Base with 200 ml of water - now shake or stir, and you're done! Depending on how creamy you like your drink, you can dose the powder individually to suit your taste.
With Oat Base you not only save 90% packaging waste, 70% transport emissions and unnecessary food waste, but you also enjoy an oat drink that is vegan and gluten-free and contains no additives or extra sugar. This makes the oat drink lower in sugar than conventional oat drinks.
In addition to the oat drink powder, you can also find coffee beans, glass bottles, milk frothers and much more in our Farm Shop.