Our Mission

We rely on the power of the plant, which is more than just an alternative for us. And we are counting on all of us. Because a healthy future is in our hands.

Founded in Berlin, we want to be part of the movement that thinks about tomorrow in the morning. What we mean by that is: we create products that are good for you while protecting the environment. With Blue Farm and our products, we want to change the industry of plant-based milk alternatives: from production to distribution and consumption.

This is our mission: instead of heavily processed food, we want to highlight and celebrate the taste and texture of natural, plant-based food through innovative product ideas - for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Our vision

For a plant-based future, which is more than an alternative.

We don't believe in alternatives, but in change. Hence at Blue Farm, we start our day with thinking about the days to come. This is easy, because our innovative products allow us to combine taste with sustainability and convenience. How do we do it? We rely on the natural power of plants - in all their facets, because for us plants are more than just an alternative. And we rely on all of us. Because a healthy future is literally in our hands and starts in the morning. Every day - by freshly preparing your plant-based drink.

Are you ready to join us in making blue the new colour of hope?

The Farm Values

To never forget where we are coming from and in which direction we are heading, we created the following company values for ourselves. As some sort of continuous checklist for all products, processes and practices happening at the Farm.


Our goal is to offer innovative products that enable you to reduce the footprint you leave on our Blue Planet. The way we do this is by eliminating food waste, reducing packaging waste and decreasing transport emissions.


We may be a Farm, but we maintain a zero sh*t policy. And we mean it. Hence, we cut out all the unnecessary ingredients in our products and give you only what you really need. Because less is better.


To be honest, we're far from perfect. We will never pretend to be, because we are big fans of open and honest communication. Towards you, towards our suppliers, our investors, our stakeholders and ourselves. Apart from that, we will of course always try to do our best and become better.


We all live on the same blue planet. This means that it is not only up to us, but also up to you to act now so that you will not regret it later. So we invite everyone to join the Farm and make it better together. If we provide you with the right products, will you then be making blue the new colour of hope?


Live and let live. That means we stay exactly who we are, whether some people love us for it or not. And we think life is too short not to do cart wheels in the office.