Pills? No more.

All the nutrients your body needs in one shake.

Supreme Greens

Supreme Greens

  • 99 problem, but nutrient deficiency is not one.
  • Supreme Greens is more than just a smoothie - it's a promise to yourself to give your body only the best. And that every day.
  • With 100% natural vitamins and minerals, the green smoothie provides the ideal basis for a healthy and energetic day.
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Your refreshing green morning ritual made from 100% natural organic ingredients.

There is a lot of good in here:

Natural vitamins

made from real fruit and vegetables

Vital mushrooms Chaga and Cordyceps

can increase performance

Without added sugar,

Sweeteners and other unnecessary additives

100% vegetable fiber source,

natural organic ingredients

1 spoonful. All nutrients. Every day.


The superfood moringa provides your body with important nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium and iron, while the medicinal mushrooms chaga and cordyceps can boost your immune system and performance.

Vegetable proteins

Vitamins + minerals


This product contains at least one adaptogen. As there are insufficient studies on the safety of the use of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens during pregnancy and breastfeeding, use during this period and consumption by infants is not recommended. You can find more information on this here.

The game changer for your nutritional routine.

Developed by scientists,
confirmed by experts.

"When developing Supreme Greens, it was important to us to create an additional daily source of fiber and protein that offers more than conventional protein shakes or fruit juices."

Msc. Food Scientist

"Our aim was to obtain vitamins and minerals from natural sources in order to create a balanced nutrient intake alongside a healthy diet."

Bsc. Food Scientist


Our Supreme Greens is already in the starting blocks and will arrive at your home within 4-8 weeks.

No, we do not add any additional sugar or sweeteners to our Supreme Greens so that you can experience natural enjoyment. The sweetness contained in the Oat Base is created during the fermentation of the oats. It also contains fructose from the fruit and vegetable powders it contains.

Yes, we deliberately avoid caffeine. Our Supreme Greens offers you pure natural energy and thus avoids caffeine rollercoaster rides.

Adaptogens are natural active ingredients that can have an immune-boosting and vitalizing effect. The medicinal mushrooms Chaga and Chordyceps, which are contained in our Supreme Greens, are also adaptogens. Vital mushrooms are also used in traditional Chinese medicine and are said to strengthen the immune system and intestinal health and increase performance. Find out more here.

Supreme Greens consists of carefully selected raw materials that have been tested for harmful substances, including organic fruit and vegetable powders, adaptogens, superfoods and algae. Each ingredient is subject to strict quality controls to ensure purity and safety.

It couldn't be easier: For one portion of Supreme Greens, stir 2 heaped Magic Spoons (24g) into 150 ml of water - that's it!

Der Supreme Greens ist glutenfrei gemäß der Verordnung (EG) Nr. 41/2009. Das bedeutet, dass der Glutengehalt unter den gesetzlich vorgegebenen <20 ppm liegt und ist damit als glutenfrei deklariert.

Yes, our Supreme Greens contains high-quality fruit, vegetable and algae powders that provide you with important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

Supreme Greens can be kept unopened for several months to a year (according to the best-before date).