Forever Spoon

The Forever Spoon measures exactly 10g of Oat Base or Oat Latte and lets you portion out the perfect amount for your deliciously fresh oat drink in the blink of an eye.

from renewable raw materials

Made in Germany

to clip on the Blue Farm bag

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Product details and material

Product Info
Measures exactly 10 grams for 100 ml of oat drink when smooth. Heaped 12 grams.

Lastsforever and is made from 100% renewable resources.


The spoonis made of 100% renewable raw materials (bio-based plastic + wood flour = biocomposite). Its filling quantity is 10 g spread, 12 g heaped and it has a cool clip-on function (split handle).

How to

With our oat drink powder you can easily mix your own fresh oat drink at home: 2 spoons of oat powder + 200ml water, stir and you're done!

Forever Spoon:

"When thirsty, the Forever Spoon is just a handle away from the perfectly portioned oat drink. - Could it be any more convenient?"

Your questions, our answers

What is the spoon made of?

It comes 100% from DE and is made from 100% natural and renewable raw materials (waste products from agriculture). We want to move away from petroleum-based plastic to a bio-composite made from bio-based plastic and wood flour.

What makes the Forever Spoon special?

The spoon measures 10g spread and 12g heaped oat powder. A split handle gives it a convenient clip-on function to the Blue Farm bags.

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