Forever Bundle

Bye-bye milk carton! With this concept of reusable glass bottle and dispensing spoon, make our plant drink world the way you like it best: tasty, colorful, natural and fresh. - Are you already shaking or still dragging?

for the optimal portioning

dishwasher safe

Made in Germany

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Product details and material

Product Info
Forever Bottle: Holds up to 500ml of oat drink. For less food waste. Produced in Germany.
Forever Spoon: Measures exactly 10 grams for 100ml of oat drink when smoothly spread.

Forever Bottle: Forever
Forever Spoon: Lasts forever
and is made from 100% renewable resources.


Forever Bottle: The bottle is made of glass, the lid and cap are made of recyclable monoplastic (dishwasher safe). The lid has internal fins that favor the mixing of powder and water when shaken. It has a large opening on the glass for filling the powder and water, and a small opening (cap) for pouring.

Forever Spoon: The spoonis made of 100% renewable raw materials (bio-based plastic + wood flour = biocomposite). Its filling quantity is 10g spread, 12g heaped and it has a cool clip-on function (split handle).

How to

With our oat drink powder you can easily mix your own fresh oat drink at home: 2 spoons of oat powder + 200ml water, stir and you're done!

The Forever Bundle:

"This concept is sustainable and meant to last forever - my milk will be made plant-based and fresh from now on."

Your questions, our answers

Where does the Forever Bottle come from?

The Forever Bottle comes 100% from DE and consists of 3 components: 2 interlinked monoplastic lids (necessary for dishwasher resistance) and a 0.5 l glass body.

Where does the Forever Spoon come from?

It comes 100% from DE and is made from 100% natural and renewable raw materials (waste products from agriculture). We want to move away from petroleum-based plastic to a bio-composite made from bio-based plastic and wood flour.

What makes the Forever Bottle special?

The reusable glass bottle has 5 measuring lines (from 100-500 ml) including dosing aid. The large opening of the main lid is the connection between the glass body and the decekl and helps to dose the powder, while the small lid is a pouring aid.

What makes the Forever Spoon special?

The spoon measures 10g spread and 12g heaped oat powder. A split handle gives it a convenient clip-on function to the Blue Farm bags.

Does the Forever Bottle keep tight?

An injection-molded sealing ring on the lid ensures optimum grip when shaking.

Does the Oat Base mix well with the water?

Internal fins on the lid promote mixing of powder and water during shaking.

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