Spice Up Your Lattes

Creamy, spicy and low in sugar through the fall

This Pumpkin Season: Sip Wiser

The pumpkin hype is back and finally a low-sugar all-in-one version that tastes good to your conscience. Instead of industrially added sugar & artificial flavors, we rely on natural organic ingredients and high-quality spices - and you can taste it.
About the product

Cozy café vibes for at home

When it gets cold outside, simply bring the café feeling into your home: Forever Bottle and Magic Spoon let you conjure up creamy barista foam and sip delicious pumpkin oat lattes in no time at all - without any sugar shock, stabilizers or added oil. Yummy!
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Your Favorite Drinks Made Better

Less sugar

Thanks to the natural sweetness of oats, our drinks also taste good without industrial sugar and are often completely free from added sugar.

100% plant-based & natural

For us, oats are more than just an alternative - they are the basis for natural plant-based drinks that are enriched with functional adaptogens, Fairtrade coffee or organic spices.

No unnecessary additives

100% enjoyment and 0% compromise on taste: instead of artificial flavours and additives such as stabilizers or oil, we focus on natural ingredients and recipes.

Your questions, our answers

How do I prepare the Oat Bases?

Simply add water, shake or stir and you'll have a deliciously creamy latte in your glass in seconds!

Do the Oat Bases contain sugar?

We deliberately avoid using industrial sugar in our drinks and try to avoid any other sweeteners as much as possible. Thanks to the natural sweetness of oats, our products contain less sugar than comparable products or we do not add any sugar at all.

Are the Oat Bases gluten-free?

Alle unsere Produkte sind glutenfrei gemäß der Verordnung (EG) Nr. 41/2009. Das bedeutet, dass der Glutengehalt unter den gesetzlich vorgegebenen <20 ppm liegt und ist damit als glutenfrei deklariert.

Is the packaging recyclable?

The packaging is made of monoplastic and is therefore 100% recyclable. Our Oat Base is an enzymatically treated food, which requires packaging with a particularly high barrier property, thus ensuring the shelf life of the product.

Can the Oat Base also be foamed?

Yes! Our tip: Always use water that is as cold as possible for foaming and do not allow the overall temperature to exceed 50 °C if possible. It is also advantageous to use the specified minimum quantity in the electric foamer and approx. 200 ml for hand or manual foamers.

Hello from the Farmily!

It's us: the blue farmers from Berlin. We develop purely plant-based products that are simply mega delicious and completely without additives. Not only are they totally practical, but they also have as little impact on our environment as possible.
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