The old man is overdue

Leave it behind & start 2024 more sustainably

👋 90% less waste & CO2
❌ without unnecessary additives
🌱 plant-based, organic & gluten-free

Over 100,000 customers have already decided to switch!

Barista Starter Kit

The Starter Kit for Barista Lovers
Normal price from €39,49
Verkaufspreis ab €39,49 Normaler Preis €43,69

Bio Starter Kit

The starter kit for fresh oat drinks
Normal price from €38,95
Verkaufspreis ab €38,95 Normaler Preis €43,29

Calcium Starter Kit

The starter kit for calcium fans
Normal price from €38,95
Verkaufspreis ab €38,95 Normaler Preis €43,49
Goodbye milk cartons!

I am shaking up the status quo:

An Oat-standing bottle

Do you love fresh oat drinks, but not the waste they produce? Then get the Forever Bottle and shake fresh oat drinks without unnecessary additives in no time. Yay!
I want to start hooking!

Why our starter kit makes sense:

Save 90% on waste & CO2

You're already drinking today for tomorrow. With the fresh hook on your oat drink you save 90% on packaging waste & CO2.

Fresh organic drinks without the frills

We rely on natural organic ingredients and avoid unnecessary additives and added sugar.

Never again "out of m!lk"

You'll never have to lug your Oat Base around again because we deliver it directly to your home - even with a flexible M!lch subscription if you like.

Once Forever, always Forever

The Forever Bottle is not only "Made in Germany", but - as the name suggests - provides you with fresh oat drinks forever.

Your drink, your choice!

Find your Oat Base:

The Organic Oat Base

Simply 100% organic oats and nothing else. Tastes deliciously creamy & tasty on its own, in muesli or for baking.

💙 save up to 20 milk cartons
❌ no artificial additives
🌱 plant-based, organic & gluten-free

The Calcium Oat Base

Your organic oat drink if you want an extra portion of calcium from natural raw materials - without any added sugar.

💙 with calcium from natural raw materials
❌ without artificial additives
🌱 plant-based, organic & gluten-free

The Barista Oat Base

The barista upgrade your coffee has been asking for: Creamy, delicious and with a natural head.

💙 made from just 3 instead of 10 ingredients
❌ without oil, added sugar & stabilizers
🌱 plant-based, organic & gluten-free

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Our mission:

We've had enough of carton waste, transportation emissions and other problems associated with M!lch consumption. That's why we developed a 3-part concept consisting of a bottle, spoon & Oat Base in powder form, which is not only more sustainable, tasty and easy to use, but also guarantees fresh oat drinks every time - without unnecessary frills. With the help of our community, we want to save over 5 million milk cartons by 2025. Are you on board?

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Your questions, our answers

How do I prepare the Oat Bases?

Simply add 100 ml of water to the Oat Base for every 10 g of Oat Base and shake or stir. For the perfect result, use our Forever Bottle. With the Magic Spoon, you can easily measure out the right amount of Oat Base: one level Magic Spoon measures exactly 10g of Oat Base. Thanks to the Forever Bottle's filling lines, you also have the right amount of water to add.

Do the Oat Bases contain added sugar?

No. We deliberately avoid additional sugar in our pure Oat Bases. Please note that the Oat Base contains sugar from the fermentation of the oats, which also provides the natural sweetness of your oat drink.

What is the shelf life of the Oat Bases?

Our products can usually be kept for several months to a year (depending on the best-before date) even when opened.

What is special about the Barista Oat Base?

Our Barista Oat Base is the first barista oat drink in powder form that has been perfectly matched to coffee and gives your drinks a creamy head of foam. Above all, it is free from added sugar and oil, completely plant-based and organic.

How do I get the perfect barista foam?

Our tip: Always use water that is as cold as possible for frothing and do not allow the overall temperature to exceed 50 °C if possible. It is also advantageous to froth the specified minimum amount in the electric frother, which heats up in parallel, or approx. 200 ml of mixed oat drink for hand or manual frothers.

Is Oat Base Bio comparable to a homemade oat drink?

Our Oat Base is not one-to-one comparable with homemade oat drink. We use gluten-free oats and treat them with natural enzymes. The result is a naturally sweet and creamy oat drink that dissolves well and does not become slimy or flocculate in the coffee.

Why does Calcium Oat Base contain red algae powder?

According to EU regulations, additives such as pure calcium carbonate are not allowed in organic foods. In order to still be able to offer you a full range of organic products and the extra portion of calcium, we have switched to a natural calcium source. Red algae contain a particularly high amount of calcium.

Are the Oat Bases gluten-free?

Ja, alle unsere Produkte sind glutenfrei gemäß der Verordnung (EG) Nr. 41/2009. Das bedeutet, dass der Glutengehalt unter den gesetzlich vorgegebenen <20 ppm liegt und ist damit als glutenfrei deklariert.

What makes the concept with Forever Bottle & Magic Spoon special?

Bye, bye drinks cartons! The reusable glass bottle in a milk carton look has 5 measuring lines (from 100-500 ml) including a dosing aid. The Magic Spoon can not only measure out the perfect amount of powder, but can also be clipped onto the Oat Bases. With this concept, you can mix fresh oat drinks and creamy barista oat drinks at any time and save up to 90% packaging waste and CO2.

Where are Forever Bottle and Magic Spoon produced?

Both are manufactured entirely in Germany. The Magic Spoon is also made from natural and renewable raw materials (waste products from agriculture). We want to move away from petroleum-based plastic towards a bio-composite made from bio-based plastic and wood flour.

Can the Forever Bottle and Magic Spoon go in the dishwasher?

The Forever Bottle can go in the dishwasher in its entirety. It is best to wash the 3 parts individually and make sure that they are well dried before reassembling.
As fiber residues are processed in the organic composite of the Magic Spoon, it should not be put in the dishwasher regularly, as these fibers may swell under prolonged exposure to water.

Is the packaging recyclable?

The packaging is made of monoplastic and is therefore 100% recyclable. Our Oat Base is an enzymatically treated food, which requires packaging with a particularly high barrier property, thus ensuring the shelf life of the product.

Don't lift a finger.

Save up to 100 kg of packaging waste every year with our oat subscription!

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