Hello, It's Us!

Phil aka Man on a Mission

Having founded several tech companies, including an AI business and a coffee start-up, it only makes sense that milk comes next. Right? Well, that’s exactly what Phil thought, as he believes that our cappuccinos and other breakfast endeavours deserve something better than 90% water in a milk carton. Speaking of a cereal entrepreneur.

"Products that are good for the people and even better for the planet are finally becoming mainstream. Blue Farm wants to be a driving force in this movement with smart products and a passionate team."

Katia aka Operational Superwoman

With a proven track record in the German beverage industry (professionally speaking, of course) it should be crystal clear that Katia brings a lot to the table. But we should also not forget the fact that she has worked for one of the biggest sexual pleasure platforms of the country, making her fully ready to add some juice - erhhh, milk - to the farm.

"We are only just beginning to redefine what plant-based nutrition means. Our Farmer Crew is bold and determined to create delicious, plant-based products for you that are more than just an alternative to dairy or other animal products."

Marie aka Blue Future Planner

Melina aka Queen B(ase)

Kirsten aka Customers Shepherd

Leon aka Blueprinter

Mara aka Performance Grower

We act. So that we don't regret anything later.
We spread joy. And have fun doing it.
We offer solutions. To create a better future for all.
We start. Because the sky is the limit.
We speak. What we think and not what norms dictate.
We ride roller coasters. Because learning curves are bumpy.
We care. For you and for our planet.