Dreamy Foamer

With the hand frother, you can add beautiful, creamy toppings to your latte mixes or cappuccinos.

2 different attachments

rechargeable with with USB charging cable

for creamy, cloudy foam

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Product details and material

Product info
Rechargeable battery hand frother with our Blue Farm logo that will make all your frothing dreams come true. Comes with USB charging cable.

Well, until the battery needs to be recharged.


"Foam without end: thanks to the included rechargeable battery, you can recharge the frother again and again and save lots of batteries, but not on creamy, cloud-like foam."

Your questions, our answers

Do I still need batteries for the frother?

The frother has a rechargeable battery and is rechargeable. Therefore, you do not need batteries for him at all.

How does the milk frother work?

The milk frother has 3 different levels - depending on how much froth you like, you can choose a lower or higher level.
You switch between the levels by pressing the power button: each time the frother restarts, the level increases. Note that the frother always stops briefly between two levels.

How to charge the frother?

The frother comes with a USB charging cable that allows you to charge it anytime and super convenient.

Can the attachments of the Foamer be exchanged?

Yes, the Foamer has two different attachments that you can easily swap and use as you please.

What do I use which attachment for?

The circular, double-row attachment is your dream foam beater. It gives your drink a delicious, creamy froth. The wider attachment is great for mixing your drink well and can even be used as a mini whisk.

Does the powder mix well with the water through the frother?

The powder of our Oat Bases, Lattes and Barista Oat Base is normally easy to mix when stirring. With the Foamer, however, it works almost by itself and you can mix the powder in the cup on the one hand and conjure up great, creamy foam on the surface on the other.

Does the water have to be cold or warm for foaming?

You can use cold or warm water. For Iced Lattes or Iced Coffee, cold water is best.

What is the best way to clean the frother?

For cleaning, it is best to take the attachment out of the housing. Then you can simply rinse the attachment in some soapy water. Please be careful with the case and clean it with a damp cloth - since it contains electrical components, it does not get along so well with water.

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