Sustainable product concepts that dispense with superfluous water

Water is often at the top of the ingredient list of products. Whether in food, care or cleaning products - water is cheap, increases the volume and thus the sales of the product. It also often makes it seemingly look better. But those who pay the price for this are usually the consumers and the environment. In reality, however, tap water is one of the most strictly regulated foods in Germany. So often it would be sufficient to only buy the essential parts of a product and add the water at home yourself. That's why we at Blue Farm have decided to save the 90% of water in oat drinks and only provide the Oat Base to you so you can mix your own oat drink at home. This saves transport emissions and packaging due to its smaller volume.

Here at Blue Farm, we're not alone in this approach: along with us, other companies have taken it upon themselves to provide only the necessary ingredients of a product which can be completed at with water. So here we've rounded up our favorite companies that counteract the unnecessary sale and shipment of water in the categories beverages, personal care and cleaning.

Powdered drinks at home

It is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day to supply your body with sufficient amounts of fluids. Although lemonades and flavored waters consist of about 90% water, they also contain a lot of sugar and artificial flavoring. So you are not just mainly buying water but you are also not doing any good for your body. Whereas water from the tap is not only more sustainable, but also healthier. The drinking water regulations for tap water are stricter than those for mineral water: no germs or contamination are accepted in tap water, while these are tolerated in mineral water. So there's nothing stopping you from ditching packaged water and drinking tap water instead. And those who might find plain water boring in the long run, can give their water a taste upgrade by using drink powders. Waterdrop for example, produces tabs from plants and fruits which you can dissolve in water at home. One liter thus saves 98% of the emissions that a conventional plastic bottle from a retailer would produce.

© Waterdrop

Neuronade works in a similar way and their powdered drinks even promote attention, memory and thinking skills. This way, you avoid packaged water from the supermarket and might also have the idea of the century.

© Neuronade

If you don't want to add powder to your water, you can also make use of your retronasal smelling and trick your brain into creating taste. Just by inhaling odors, your brain processes them into tastes, without any additives in the water. For example with AirUp, your water then tastes like lemon or cherry.

© AirUp

Making sustainable shampoo, soaps and liquid soaps

Shampoos, shower gels and liquid soaps are usually made up of 96% water, which is merely laboriously packaged and transported. This water transport can be avoided by solid soaps for example. For shampoo and skin care, Foamie has developed solutions which are also completely plastic-free. For those looking for an all-rounder, Terrorists of Beauty have block soaps in stock that are suitable for both your hair, skin and body care.


© Terrorists of Beauty

If you don't want to give up liquid soap, you can find a solution with Seifenbrause or Soap & Preced. Their soap bases turn into liquid soap when added to water. This not only evokes DIY feelings, but also saves over 90% of packaging and transport emissions.

© soap shower

Sustainable cleaning product: cleaning products without added water and DIY cleaning products

Cleaning products such as glass cleaner and co. also consist of 90% water. This increases the weight for transport and is also often packaged in plastic. This fact pollutes the environment rather than leaving it cleaner. You can just as well mix cleaning powders with water at home and use them for cleaning. Moanah produces, for example, cleaning powder with which you can mix your own bathroom, glass and all-purpose cleaners.

© Moanah

The same principle also works for dishwashing and laundry detergents, which also mainly consist of water. Anyone looking for DIY solutions can use clean box to make ten different cleaning agents from only six ingredients, all of which are finished by adding tap water.

© Clean Box

Better together

On closer inspection, it is easier to go without packaged water and safe waste and transport emissions in various areas of your life than initially thought. Besides Blue Farm, there are other ways to do something good with every sip or cleanup you start. If you want to toast to the good news with a glass of oat drink, you can find it here in the Blue Farm Shop.

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